I must confess I have been waiting since day one of owning an iPad to be able to play the likes of Spy Hunter, Joust, Defender and Gauntlet on it. These are the titles that thrilled me as a young teenager in the early 1980s and basically thrust me in to a world of game development.
I remember fondly sitting in the back of my Dad’s car on a family holiday to Scotland sketching out my own designs for a Spy Hunter style game. Having played the real thing in the arcades I was convinced that there could be no finer gaming thrill than gunning down bad guys at high speed.

Gauntlet is a game I’ve written a lot about on here and my previous game development blog. To be able to play it on iPad is a huge thrill. It’s possibly let down by not (for obvious reasons) capturing the raw thrills of 4 friends huddled around the arcade machine but to relive hacking and slashing your way through endless dungeons is just fantastic. The graphics in Gauntlet continue to inspire my own games to this day.

I heartily recommend you nip over to the app store and grab Midway’s Arcade for iPhone and iPad.
Here is the blurb direct from the app store’s description.

Limited time Launch Sale for Midway Arcade! Only $.99USD – Includes 10 games!!! Spy Hunter, Rampage, Joust, Root Beer Tapper, Defender, and Arch Rivals. Plus 4 Arcade favorites: Air Hockey, Arcade Basketball, Pool, and Roll Ball.

All your favorite arcade hits in the palm of your hand! Lose yourself in this virtual arcade experience featuring 12 popular arcade games from Midway presented in their original cabinet. There’s even a jukebox that lets users play music from their iTunes library and a virtual prize redemption center!

Additional Arcade Hits are available for purchase as game packs.

Game Pack 1 includes:
– Total Carnage

Game Pack 2 includes:
– Gauntlet
– Gauntlet II
– Wizard of Wor

Note: if you are on iPad 1 you may experience a problem with the game crashing at the Warner title screen. To get around this I disabled WiFi – go in to Airplane mode – and then re-enabled it once the arcade was visible.

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