HTML5 framework update

  • added full Web Audio support (tested iOS6 / Chrome desktop)
    • fixed 404 errors on AJAX call that still resulting in the onLoad event firing (misleading bug)
  • added webkitvisibilitychange support
  • paused animations in pauseMode (some obstacle entities use their animation frame to trigger collision)
  • soundtrack supported independently from main sfx()
  • Rounded floating point positions on rotation
  • replaced context.clearRect with canvas.width = canvas.width (resulting in full support on Android browsers – previously full screen operation would return a blank screen)
  • added debug console switch to incoming variables (querystring)


    Are you going to share the framework with others as open source someday, or it’s just your own private tool?


      It’s certainly useful right now. Not sure it’s something the world should see though. Too much documentation involved ;)

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