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exploring arcade game design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Viewports and the scaling & positioning of the canvas

Having just spent a couple of hours poring over my code for scaling & positioning the game canvas I thought I’d share the experience.
Despite having made several HTML5 games over the last couple of years I’ve never experienced any real issues with scaling or positioning. Just recently however I’ve started to notice inconsistencies between browsers […]

Creating a very basic “Star Wars” style trench scene viewed from above

Prototyping new game ideas is a lot of fun. Thanks to some serious enhancements to my game framework it’s also pretty quick.
I enjoy day-dreaming new ideas and recently I was watching something on TV that put me in mind of the film Star Wars. It was a fast paced scene in a TV show with […]

HTML5 Canvas Text Wrap Tutorial

I’m using a small amount of dialogue in Distant Orbit to help tell the story. One thing that I wanted to maintain was simplicity when it comes to handing over the text files for localisation.
So to this end I needed to allow for text to wrap across lines within the canvas.
Some languages are quite a […]

HTML5 Star Wars game – bullets, bombs, explosions and chaos

More lasers, more bombs, more bad guys and more explosions. I’m absolutely LOVING developing this game. And the best bit ? It runs like a dream across all major devices. Now if we can just get audio sorted.
There’s a very bright future for HTML5 arcade game designers.

The pain of fixing canvas dimensions across all devices

In an ideal world I would develop all of my games at a fixed resolution. That resolution just now would be something like 320 x 460. Largely because according to my analytics data from Google the majority of people playing the games do so on an Apple device such as iPhone or iPod Touch.
Of course […]

Area 51 – development update

Decisions, decisions.
Having broken the back of the arcade element to Area51 I’m now left standing at a crossroads in terms of game design.
There are numerous elements to the game that I am enjoying – the cramped gloomy corridor feel, shooting monsters – spawning blood, shooting toxic barrels and fireballs, powering up your weapon base, muzzle-flashes, […]

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