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exploring arcade game design with HTML5 and JavaScript

HTML5 arcade driving and shooting game – short demo video

I installed the Camtasia Studio over the weekend and captured a few short videos of my development projects.
I couldn’t resist sharing the video forĀ Road Rage as it captures everything I ever wanted in a game: colour, chaos, rich audio and a ton of explosions. Yup, I have an explosion fetish! The more the better. The […]

Short (choppy) video for new HTML5 “Trench” arcade game

Following on from the previous post about creating a crude Star Wars style trench as viewed from above I thought I’d post a video of it in action.

I put some additional work in to throwing some aliens around and having the player’s ship move freely. I resisted the urge to have the ship tilt like […]

River Raider game video

Apologies for the hopelessly low quality of this video but I wanted to put up a video capture of my play testing River Raider. This game is my HTML5 take on the classic Activision game River Raid.
I hope you can get a feel for it. Sadly the detail in the graphics is lost and isn’t […]

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