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In-game video – in search of Space Monsters

Akari Demo v0.1.25 video

I wanted to look at a new style for the title screen and ‘death intermissions’. Ultimately this style has been rejected but it’s always worth sharing them for posterity!

Development build 0.1.17 of Akari

Here is a short video run through of our gameĀ Akari. Akari was only ever a working title but we’ve since warmed to it a great deal. So it’s stuck! All game elements are in place. Much of the remainder of the work is in artwork, level design and exploring indexedDB for saving progress and scores.

Akari – short play demo video

Akari is a game that we’re currently thrilled to be developing here at Space Monster Games. It takes its lead from classic early 1990s shoot em ups such as Raiden and Outzone. Though the visual style is developing nicely we’re still hard at work creating some cool graphics and effects to keep you entertained for many, many levels.

More about the young hero of the game, Akari, and her backstory will follow in future posts. We hope you enjoy the video.

HTML5 arcade driving and shooting game – short demo video

I installed the Camtasia Studio over the weekend and captured a few short videos of my development projects.
I couldn’t resist sharing the video forĀ Road Rage as it captures everything I ever wanted in a game: colour, chaos, rich audio and a ton of explosions. Yup, I have an explosion fetish! The more the better. The louder the bang the better. In fact the more intense the on-screen action the better.

I hope to have it completed soon and upload it to the PlayStar Mobile Arcade where gamers can test their skills against one another and compete for the high score :-)

Short (choppy) video for new HTML5 “Trench” arcade game

Following on from the previous post about creating a crude Star Wars style trench as viewed from above I thought I’d post a video of it in action.

I put some additional work in to throwing some aliens around and having the player’s ship move freely. I resisted the urge to have the ship tilt like a fighter plane as it banked. The game just doesn’t need it.

Additionally I threw in some bonus / power-up spawns which are triggered by predefined alien attack groups. In the final game these groups will become visibly noticeable.

The game is still a little way off completion but is growing in challenge and complexity by the day. Gotta love the older games :)

River Raider game video

Apologies for the hopelessly low quality of this video but I wanted to put up a video capture of my play testing River Raider. This game is my HTML5 take on the classic Activision game River Raid.
I hope you can get a feel for it. Sadly the detail in the graphics is lost and isn’t something I could find to configure within the software that I used.

For some reason WordPress has thrown a fit so here is a direct link to the video on YouTube in case the embedded version doesn’t display below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlKV12KDhog

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