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exploring arcade game design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Taking on the app stores – step 1: Google

I’m on something of a mission to have my HTML5 arcade visible to the search engines. Naturally I’ve a number of keywords and phrases that I want to have positioned favourably in Google et al. My goal is to have phrases such as “free arcade games” on the first page of results and ideally “above […]

Great Boulder of Death and in app purchasing in HTML5 games

Every once in a while a new game emerges that I think is worthy of a closer look. Recently I downloaded Pik Pok’s Giant Boulder of Death (GBoD). As with one of their earlier titles, Flick Kick Football, the key to the game’s appeal is in that nagging “if I just have one more go […]

Viewports and the scaling & positioning of the canvas

Having just spent a couple of hours poring over my code for scaling & positioning the game canvas I thought I’d share the experience.
Despite having made several HTML5 games over the last couple of years I’ve never experienced any real issues with scaling or positioning. Just recently however I’ve started to notice inconsistencies between browsers […]

46 per cent of all video game time comes from a mobile device

It is with huge interest that I read this statistic. For the last 2 months I have had my head buried on a project and haven’t really looked up very much to the wider mobile gaming world around me.
I had wondered just how much of a foothold mobile gaming has achieved lately so it’s hugely […]

Touch control in a maze game ? Pac-Man has the answers.

I’ve been looking around the AppStore for games that implement the kind of touch control that I’m after for my maze game. There’s a thousand and one maze games on offer which is fantastic so I downloaded a few free trial versions to test them.
In many cases the controls felt OK but not great. The […]

Area 51 – adding some nice touches

15 – 20 years ago I devoured games such as Wolfenstein, DOOM and of course the 15 year old genius that is Quake. What I loved about those games was so much more than the pleasure of blasting monsters – for me was all about the neat little extras that the developer threw in.

Most notably […]

New screenshot – “Area 51″

iPad shoot em ups “shmups”

I think my geekish enthusiasm is spilling over in to slightly worrying obsessional territory. But all the same there is no single genre of game that thrills me more than the good old “shmup”.
There are so many variations to the shoot em up and I love them all. My particular favourite the so-called “manic shooter” […]

List of iPad shoot em ups

I have a small collection of shoot em ups on iPad. I have to say they’re all fantastic but a couple really stand out. Phoenix and Icarus-X in particular are a real thrill to play. Don Pachi is always excellent. Not all titles are specific to iPad but all play well on the larger screen.
I’d […]

Making a living designing HTML5 games

A huge frustration of mine these days is my inability to actually turn my love of crafting simple web based arcade games in to a profitable and worthwhile livelihood. I’ve been following the web scene for years and have seen a good many trends come and go.
The explosion of Flash several years ago really opened […]

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