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exploring arcade game design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Sprite creation for mobile web games – some thoughts on colour and composition

Back in my day as a Gameboy Advance artist we used to have some key rules for asset creation. Generally much of the design was handled externally via the client and we simply adapted any work for presentation on the small screen. But occasionally we were given some free reign to create new art. To […]

Crossfire – an HTML5 vertical shoot ‘em up – development update

Just a quick update as work on Crossfire (previously Stargun) is moving at pace just now.
I’m very keen to use the project as an exercise in broadening the featureset of my game framework.
Currently I’m focusing on creating the kind of vertical shoot ‘em up that was popular around the late 80’s and early 90’s. The […]

Artwork and development for Distant Orbit

I’ve been working hard to create the visuals for Distant Orbit this last week. I know how much I enjoy looking over other developer’s workstations so I thought I’d capture mine and post them up here.
I’m still undecided on the use of cartoon aliens. I like them but I’m not sure if it’s right for […]

Castle Quest concept art – the Wizard

I enjoy sketching out ideas quite quickly and throwing them in to Photoshop to explore colours and various other details surrounding the game’s final appearance. I’m a huge believer in having plenty of inspirational material to hand.
For Castle Quest I started off by scanning a few Milt Kahl sketches of the wizard Merlin from The […]

A sprite in the making

I love dabbling with sprites in Photoshop.
Give me some good music, a supply of caffiene and enough time for some pixelling and I’m in my element.
My “Castle Adventure” game is taking shape nicely. I have some cool features implemented and a neat goal for the game.

To move things along a bit I started to create […]

Creating promotional marquees for my games

I’ve been asked to provide some promotional material for my handful of HTML5 games.
I don’t actually have anything like this so the challenge of creating them appeals. Especially since I’ve been spending a lot of time knee-deep in code of late. It’s nice to switch focus to the other side of my brain for a […]

Pixelling the characters in Space Bug Racer

Happiness is an uninterrupted hour or so in the company of Photoshop, a Wacom pen and a coffee. Today I’ve managed to find some time to put some more work in to Space Bug Racer my soon to be finished HTML5 game. I’m enjoying it all so much I thought I’d share the view from […]

New art direction for my HTML5 shooter Area 51

I’ve had this game in development forever and I want it finished.
After spending some time this weekend playing the game I decided to give it a lick of paint.
One of the images that I use to help me paint pixels is a screen shot of the Atari 8-bit palette. The colours are just stunning. I […]

Playing with colours

I enjoy nothing more than opening up Photoshop and messing with the colours in my sprites and general game elements.

The screenshot above is the original image of the game before I came up with another couple of alien sprite characters. Somehow the black sky and Dropzone inspired moon base didn’t quite work for me. So […]

Galactians 2 – a new HTML5 arcade game with aliens that “splat”

It’s really quite simple – I always wanted to make a game where the aliens come diving at you and you pump some lasers at them such that they “splat” in glorious fashion all over the screen.
So that’s what I did and since it takes its lead from my Galactians game I call it Galactians […]

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