in search of Space Monsters

exploring arcade game design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Some more thoughts on an HTML5 mobile adventure game

I’m determined to make an HTML5 adventure game so here goes with some more thoughts on the potential design of such a game.
The games that work best for me are the ones that are instantly accesible. Load assets (acceptable delay) > splash screen (acceptable and expected delay as long as it’s short) > title screen […]

Quest – playing with the mechanics

Playing with the format of an RPG is rather fun. Once I put all the stats in place the actual format / presentation / challenge of the game is something that can be tweaked quite merrily.
The original format of the game as defined by my simple dozen word design document was something along the lines […]

Quest – defining a rich fantasy world that tells ME the story

Quest is a project.
I always wanted to create a game that was essentially something to dip in and out of at will and the content would be different. Since it’s a game I also wanted to be able to present varying challenges and puzzles.
All of my games to date have been arcade games with the […]

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