Distant Orbit – some new screenshots

I’m still working on the art for this game but sometimes when I make a breakthrough with something I like to share it :)

Today’s breakthrough is the neat haze effect over the horizon that gives me some depth. Better still thanks to a bit of reshuffling of the draw order I can sit the distant saucers in the mist. Very satisfying.
Still a fair bit to be doing with this game but it’s going well.

Dungeon Adventure – New Screen

I’m in to the final furlong with my game of ghostly wizardry Dungeon Adventure. A bit of level design and some refining of the graphics and I’ll be calling it a wrap.

Here is a recent compilation of screens from my last bout of testing.

Screenshots for Dungeon Adventure

Castle Quest – a couple of new screens

Work on Castle Quest continues and recently I managed to get some graphics in to the game for the monsters. The monsters here are ghosts and although I’m not deliriously happy about them they help to bring the “story” to life.
What I want to achieve here is a sense of haunted corridors, creepy dungeons. Essentially a place where a largely powerless wizard is forced to creep around a maze collecting his magic stars as he goes. Ghosts fit this scenario perfectly.

Hoping to be nearing completion in the next week and looking forward to getting some design work done on a new game. Castle Quest is a fun challenge, fun (I think) to play and an important learning curve.

Note: in the screen shot on the right you can see my first implementation of teleporters !

Castle Adventure early screenshot

I’ve spent quite a lot of time this last few evenings figuring out the movement code and collision for a new maze game. I call it Castle Adventure just now in honour of one of my first JavaScript games of the same name ( link ).
There was always so much I wanted to achieve with that game and now, thanks to Canvas and related technologies, I can think about bringing the game to life in the way that I’d imagined 5 years ago.

The original game was always intended to be a kind of strange cross between Pac-Man, Gauntlet and an old Dragon 32 game called Touchstone which I played to death as a kid. I guess in reality it was more of a Pac-Man wizard game with magic powers :)
Anyway the newer game is very much a mobile focused game and uses touchscreen swipes to direct the wizard around the maze. As more of the game takes shape I will post more details and screens.

castle adventure screen

Castle Adventure - very early screen

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