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exploring arcade game design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Sprite creation for mobile web games – some thoughts on colour and composition

Back in my day as a Gameboy Advance artist we used to have some key rules for asset creation. Generally much of the design was handled externally via the client and we simply adapted any work for presentation on the small screen. But occasionally we were given some free reign to create new art. To […]

HTML5 game tutorial – or not

I have been desperately trying to piece together the fragmented sections of a tutorial for making your own HTML5 games. Despite what you might think (and you’d be forgiven for thinking it given the amount of publicity that they get) you don’t need a library or framework or some other fancy tool to write your […]

HTML5 Game Development Tutorial

I have wanted to create a simple HTML5 game development tutorial for a long time. It always frustrates me when people (web developer people) tell me they would love to make games but just can’t get their head around it or figure out where to start.
There are so many myths and misconceptions with JavaScript and […]

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