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Article about the perception of HTML5 as a gaming technology on Gamasutra

I recently posted an article on Gamasutra about the association with HTML5 and gaming. I go in to a little detail about how we as HTML5 game developers can improve the perception of HTML5 as a viable medium for mobile gaming.
You can read the full article here:┬áThe public perception of HTML5 and its association with […]

A quick look at the potential for HTML5 gaming on Nintendo’s Wii U

Once upon a time I worked as an artist for a company that developed games for Nintendo’s handheld devices, amongst other things. I remember back then (2001 ish) wondering whether web technologies would/could ever produce the kind of environment suitable for good quality gaming. I suppose looking back then it must have seemed ludicrous that […]

The life of an HTML5 game developer

Since establishing Space Monster Games Ltd I’ve been thinking more and more about the life of a full time game developer. Especially since I am moving further toward it and have seen one or two fellow devs taking the plunge in recent months.
I guess for so many people it must seem perfectly possible yet horribly […]

HTML5 gaming – what are we talking about?

The conversation about HTML5 gaming is changing all the time.
In just 12 short months we’ve gone from starting conversations with “hey, what’s this cool new tech / standard I can make games with ?” to “hey, I can make some money here,” and “hey, look at all these amazing tools I get to play with.”
But […]

The market for HTML5 gaming

As I’ve recently blogged I am convinced that 2012 will be an enormous year for HTML5 gaming on mobile phones.
So much so that I am staking a fair bit on it. Not least the creation of my own game development studio.
But like every startup I need to do my homework and right now there are […]

HTML5 gaming in 2012

As an HTML5 game designer I am always optimistic about the future of gaming in the open web. I love this Canvas technology ( which is pretty much the largest aspect of HTML5 that I use ) and I love the process of crafting games to exploit this burgeoning technology.
2011 has been a great year.
As […]

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