HTML5 framework update

A quick update on the progress of my HTML5 game framework.
The big news really is the introduction of a fully featured high score table that supports import / export of data. It’s a neat addition to the framework and a must for my classic style arcade games :)

  • High score table support courtesy of IndexedDB
  • Improved full screen handling with intelligent resizing
    • includes support for several less popular mobile (Android) browsers
  • Fixed accuracy of touch regions for in-game menus
  • Sound effects triggering from level editor

The presence of a professional looping soundtrack sets the current project apart in my opinion. It’s a world away from the work I’ve been producing this last couple of years. Thrilled to be offering a complete experience now.

My experience of support for IndexedDB across mobile browsers is very poor.
In fact the only browser so far that cuts it is Firefox on Android. Not only does it fully support the spec (such that I require it) it also supports the onupgradeneeded event.
Chrome on Android supports the majority of the spec but doesn’t yet fire the onupgradeneeded event. I don’t currently have a workaround for this so playing the framework in Chrome for Android returns no high score table.

Where there is no support the framework falls back to using localStorage for a single high score entry.

For an accurate picture of where we stand with mobile support for IndexedDB look at


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