in search of Space Monsters

exploring arcade game design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Continuing to target the arcade gaming niche with my HTML5 games

Ever since my first foray in to browser gaming I’ve stuck to my goal of creating the kind of games that I enjoyed in my youth. Generally speaking this means classic “pixelled” sprites and the control of an on-screen character / spaceship / vehicle of some kind. Ideally I’d also throw in bombs, lasers and […]

Some Friday data from the Playstar arcade

Over the last six months I’ve paid a lot of attention to the visitors statistics generated by my HTML5 game portal. Particularly interesting are the figures for iPad.
The rise in popularity of the iPad as a mobile web gaming device is wonderful news. iPad is an HTML5 game developer’s dream in many respects. Super fast […] Free Mobile Arcade Games

It has for a long time been my intention to create my own mobile gaming portal.
I had been using the m. sub-domain from ( with some success but I really wanted to shift everything on to its own dedicated domain.
Furthermore I didn’t want the domain name to bear any resemblence to an HTML5 gaming […]

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