Now that I have some place to write I figure I should probably get in to the habit of writing on a regular basis. Of course the danger is that what comes out is pure nonsense but with a bit of careful thought and editing I’m sure I can at least offer something worth reading once in a while :-)

A week spent coding web sites takes its toll on my brain. I develop amongst developers where discussion rarely shifts away from the fine details of writing C# and more web specific code such as HTML and JavaScript. I certainly enjoy my job and the challenges that it throws up but I sure look forward to the weekend.

This weekend sees my wife Lucy’s birthday and we’re off out for a well deserved meal with friends to a hotel / restaurant that describes itself as “quintessentially English restaurant”. I’m sure that any number of restaurants will lay claim to this but there’s something about this particular place that somehow feels quite genuine.
When I called to make the reservation I’m fairly sure I could hear Noel Coward tinkling on the ivories somewhere in the background !
Check the web site out and you’ll see what I mean: Frogg Manor Hotel
It’s certainly a breath of fresh air to find a place like this since the majority of restaurants I visit are often less than genuine.

frogg manor

Unashamedly bourgeois the header on the web site tells us. With prices to match. Still if you’re going to do it you really should do it in style !

It’s seeing this restaurant that put me in mind of something that is a bit of a hot topic these days, the subject of identity. I often think that as a country England’s identity has changed over the years. We have a tremendous blend of cultures now and really I think benefit a great deal from it. It’s not of course as simple as just being able to go out and dine in an Indian or Chinese restaurant. More I’d say it helps us stuffy old English types to raise issues of living amongst such diverse cultures. Cultures that we helped ourselves to in times gone by but now rather reject since they pitched up on our doorstep.

But I guess for tonight I shall wander back in time to a point where none of that seemed to matter.
Bring on the roasted venison, apple pie with custard and sherries to finish !!



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