As a kid I could never see the fascination with Dungeons and Dragons. I’d much rather be outside playing football or riding my bike. In the rough weather I’d be quite happy sat reading a book or blasting my way through some Atari arcade game. The whole D&D thing pretty much bored me.
Perhaps as a young 12 year old boy I had even less patience than I have today ! That in itself is pretty scary since I have precisely zero patience these days :)

The one thing I can be certain of is that I didn’t lack the imagination to play the game as a boy. I was positively overflowing with it. Strange then that I didn’t at least give it a go.

This weekend I sat with a bunch of old school mates and as always we reminisced and sank several beers. A thoroughly enjoyable night and something we try to do as frequently as possible.
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons book imageSomething that came up was the topic of D&D. Now the guys I was sat with all loved playing the game as kids and talked at some length about their campaigns of old. Lovingly reciting their finest battles with Dragons, Orcs and Knights of the Underworld I listened with fascination at just how much detail there was to be found in the whole experience.
It probably goes without saying that I now wished I’d been a part of it. It sounded right up my street. So I suggested we do it again. 30 years later let’s have a stab at playing it all again. I saw myself comfortably fitting the role of Dungeon Master in that I could weave a good yarn and present countless fantastical challenges and scenarios for the party. I of course knew nothing about D&D but I’ve played Neverwinter Nights so how hard could it be :) To help things along I bought a book. Admittedly outdated but considering I know nothing about it anyway I figured anything would help !

Since leaving the guys on Saturday night I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with all things D&D. The whole concept of a pen and paper RPG experience is thrilling me. I’ve started my first Google Doc on the subject and am adding to it hourly with tons of ideas for plots, quests, setups, characters and challenges in beautiful and dangerous environments.
Whether we all agree to sit down and play or not I don’t know but I will be a Dungeon Master some day come hell or high water :) Even if I have to go adventuring on my own. I just need to somehow convince my good old buddies that it’s a good idea.

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