I always wanted some place to write about daily thoughts and events (and stuff) that wasn’t in any way linked to my game development. Writing about game design and the intricacies of making games work is a huge amount of fun but it’s very niche. I wanted to be able to express thoughts on all manner of things without messing up a journal with specific subject matter.

I love the “good old days” of arcade gaming and the problems encountered when designing games so that may well crop up but generally speaking I get free reign to talk about anything.

I want this to be a very personal blog. The beauty of any blog is that if it works for me it allows you to get to know the author. I’ve read, and still read, a good many blogs on a daily basis. I love the insight that you get in to somebody’s life who has a wildly different routine to you. Better still they belong to a different culture altogether. Even in some cases where the author is geographically less than a thousand miles away the culture and the outlook is quite different to my own.

I hope you return to read more and discover what it is that interests, excites, terrifies and motivates me. I hope for my part that I get the chance to sit down and write about stuff on a regular basis.
I’m always looking for a diversion / inspiration so please feel free to drop me a line or paste your own blog in to the comments section.




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