I have always adored the paintings that accompany Dungeons & Dragons books, games and adventures. They’re beautiful depiction of such rich and fascinating fantasy worlds is the most inspirational thing for somebody with a wild imagination like mine.

For a long time I had no clue who was responsible for these masterpieces and then a conversation with a D&D enthusiast led me to a list of artists to explore.

Of all those artists it was Larry Elmore who really stood out. His compositions were and are just beautiful. His characters are full of expression and warmth and yet at the same time suitably mystifying or hostile in their appearance. His ability to draw stunning mountain vistas or rich woodland is second to none. But what I love the most is his use of colour. Every piece is so rich with colour. There’s no hiding behind the light and shade with Elmore’s work, it simply doesn’t warrant it. Yet it must be so tempting to paint in that way given the fanastical subject matter. How can any artist resist painting a Dragon lurking in the darkness his eyes glimmering like diamonds and his scaley skin glistening by torch or moonlight.

This is not Elmore’s style and I admire him for it. With his style of painting you get a full canvas worth of art. You can see for miles.
This in itself is inspirational. To be able to focus on the characters in the foreground and imagine their story is one thing but to see the valleys and mountains far in the distance from which those characters must have come is another wonderful layer of imagination.

I aim now to try and collect a few prints of Larry Elmore’s work and frame them for my office. Wonderful work from an outstanding artist.


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