I am somewhat pre-occupied with the idea of shooting my own film. I have been for a while if I’m honest. Thing is, as much as I have ideas for a cool plot and visual style I have no clue whatsoever how to shoot a film. Even the basics are a mystery to me – framing, lighting and pointing a camera at the subject !
I could probably get by with my small family digital video recorder for the the simple job of shooting a rough film but for a larger more polished job I’m at a loss.

So first things first I think I’ll spend some time trying to figure out a story and cool characters.

In terms of a style I’m drawn to all things spooky. Supernatural stories always get me since I’m easily disturbed by things that I read or hear. Japanese ghost stories such as The Grudge or The Ring re-ignited my love of the genre a few years back.

So what ideas do I have ? What could I possibly come up with ?

Well for some detail I have to look back to the works of Lovecraft, Poe and even H.G Wells and Mary Shelley. I’ve read a lot of Lovecraft but not a jot of Poe or Wells. I recently downloaded the Frankenstein audiobook so hopefully in around 7 hours worth of playing time I will be that bit more enlightened as to the neat tricks of telling a spooky tale.
It’s the Victoriana that gets me. I love it. I’m often drawn to any television dramas that are set around that time – even though I may never actually watch them – since they are so stylish. I love to read about how people of a certain class became obsessed with discovery and exploration. What a magical time it must have been. Little wonder that H.G Wells, Jules Verne et al had so much to write about.

I’m hoping to just get as many ideas down as possible and start making sense of it all at a later date. Researching this kind of thing is a wonderful way to waste an evening once the kids are in bed. I can see some late night reading and web surfing with a low light and glass of whiskey for company.


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