Space Shuttle simulatorSo I downloaded a Space Shuttle simulator for iPad – F-SIM Space Shuttle.
How hard can it be to land a glider ? Well the short answer to that is pretty damned hard actually.

I’ve really not invested much time in the app but from I’ve seen you get to land the shuttle at either Edwards’ Air Force Base or Kennedy Space Center. You can make it a complicated approach or a straight forward vertical straight line descent. Naturally whilst you figure the controls the latter is by far the best option.
Never the less I still hit the dirt like a dart every time.

There’s something very nostalgic about this app for me. I remember clearly the first shuttle flight 30 years ago and remember waiting and waiting for the much hyped descent as it returned to Earth some days later.
As with everything back then film footage was a little hazy. I’m fairly sure that the air temperature around Edwards’ didn’t much help either.
But what a truly mesmerising and inspirational thing for a young teenage boy to witness as this spaceship that had taken off days earlier returned in its entirety to land just like a plane. Magical stuff and something that I will never forget.

I might just have to have a good look around for other iPad flight simulators now that I have the bug !

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