I think my geekish enthusiasm is spilling over in to slightly worrying obsessional territory. But all the same there is no single genre of game that thrills me more than the good old “shmup”.

screenshotThere are so many variations to the shoot em up and I love them all. My particular favourite the so-called “manic shooter” (you’ll see this listed as anything from Chaos Shooter to Bullet Hell gaming) stands out as the purest a video gaming experience could be. When it’s done well its kaleidoscope-like presentation just sucks me in and grips me to the point that I might as well be strapped in to my own fighter and battling my way through hordes of mechanical monstrosities.

So I figured it’s a subject so dear to me it deserves its own page.
The link is at the top of the page.

If I’ve missed a game (and I most certainly will have missed many) then please add it to the comments. I’m determined to expand my list of shoot em ups on the iPad. It’s part of the reason I got the thing :-)

Note: the scores alongside each game are my own view and nothing at all to do with Apple or Apple’s feedback leaving user-base.

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