I have been desperately trying to piece together the fragmented sections of a tutorial for making your own HTML5 games. Despite what you might think (and you’d be forgiven for thinking it given the amount of publicity that they get) you don’t need a library or framework or some other fancy tool to write your own games. You just need a basic understanding of JavaScript and the desire to learn.

Anyway, whilst I finalise said tutorial I’ve placed a bunch of links to some cool books on the subject down the side of this blog. I recommend them all since they all offer a slightly different angle on the same thing. If the budget is tight then Google the author’s names – they will direct you to some cool stuff.


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    • Hi Eirik,
      it’s something that I’m slowly but surely pulling together ;-)
      I’m toying with the idea of deconstructing one of my mobile HTML5 games to illustrate how I build these things !

    • Hi Jay.
      The only software required is a text editor, a graphics tool and a decent web browser.
      I develop using EditPlus, Adobe Photoshop and Firefox / Chrome / IE9.
      The technology is based around HTML5 and JavaScript.
      Give it a go ! It’s great fun :-)

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