Dragon game screenshotI still can’t think of a decent title for this game. I guess something will spring to mind.
About 10 years ago I worked on a small nGage title called Space Ranger. It was a simple affair of guiding your space hero around a maze with a rocket pack whilst shooting your laser pistol at bizarre cartoon-like aliens and monsters. Great fun and a blast to develop.
Luckily, I kept all the art work that I created for the game on disk and recently dug it all out.

The rocks (with slight Photoshop filtering going on) and grass ledge in the screenshot are from the Ranger game. Everything else I’ve drawn from scratch.
There’s also a snow level with an icy ledge at the top of the rock wall.

As you can see I’ve coded up the collision with the Dragon’s fireballs (which incidentally right now are the alien bombs from Galactians) so that I can hurl the Knights from the rock face in flames.
As with the last game I flash up multi-coloured text boxes to indicate the score for hitting each bad guy.
The other cool thing is the hovering Dragon sprite. The hovering is done in code but the tiny wing flutterings are done in the artwork. I like the effect a lot and hope to build on the spritesheet to include some other frames for celebratory sequences or the losing of a life / chance.

Enjoying developing this one.


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