I tend not to deal with design documents. I just like to scribble and sketch ideas and write down what I think would be cool.
Just now in my worklist.txt file I have the following:

> Make the Dragon fly rather than shuffle left and right.
> Increase the fireball fire rate to be more like a shoot ’em up.
> Use swipe movement rather than pin-point x co-ordinates. (Same as Galactians)
> Primary goal of defending treasure.
> When all treasure gone Game Over.
> Falling monsters / knights in flames collide with other assilants and score combo points.
> Change castle setting to a rocky mountain ledge with grass top.
> Arrows fired from assailants – vertical only no x shifting.
> Need to consider an alternative monster style – not just vertical only movement.
> Implement attack waves.

I also created a new attacking Knight sprite. Attacking in the sense that the Knight will scale the wall to steal the Dragon’s treasure.

Knight sprite

It’s nice to be playing with a fantasy theme for a change.
Incidentally the game doesn’t have a proper title yet – hence “Dragon Game” :-)


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