Dragon game screenshotFollowing on from yesterday’s post about seeking inspiration I took to MAME and played through a number of classic mid-1980s arcade games. A few in there were a lot of fun and yet lacked the colour depth that came a few years later when palettes were increased and screen resolutions improved.

I decided to try and knock up a few images for a game that sees the player controlling a baby Dragon atop a castle rampart. The Dragon is defending something (treasure probably) from marauding knights, rogues and critters. His only form of attack is, of course, fire. The player shifts the Dragon horizantally and aims to bump off the attackers who attempt to scale the castle walls below.

Creating the sprite sheet for the Dragon was fun. It’s by no means finished but gives me enough to start a game. I created the game’s backdrop as a single 320 x 480 png that is placed in to the canvas background using CSS. No full screen redrawing here !

Dragon sprite sheet

Anyway, I’m still messing around with the concept but hope to have a game within a couple of weeks.

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