Dragons screenshotI do love these final stages of game development where everything you’ve had scribbled down from ideas to character designs to neat little effects comes together and you get a screen full of activity.
I am a huge fan of keeping the screen busy but not too busy. There is a fine line.

I’m also loving handing some of my game assets over to static Photoshop created images. It gives me the ability to better match and marry the colour schemes.
I have a wealth of sprite / tile art on my machine so it’s always a thrill to sift through some work that is years old to find a cool new starting point. Sometimes the work just fits. Sometimes it needs a little tweak to fit the style that I’m after for the game.

Dragons screenshotI think I’m pretty close to completing Dragons now. (I had played around with different game titles but realised in the end I rather like the simplicity of calling a game Dragons.)
I have balanced the attack vs defence vs goals to a decent level – certainly enough to provide a casual challenge.
Level times are at around 1 – 1.5 minutes on average. Plenty long enough for a casual game.
What I hope to complete before I publish the game is some balance in the scoring system. Just now there isn’t much variety in the scoring and I’m a believer in spreading the scoring based on how much skill / effort was required on the part of the player to actually achieve the score.

All in all a good development and a thrill to be working with lots of colour again.
I intend to write about the development process in a little more detail soon as well as providing a few pointers on how I create my 2D sprites / tiles.


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