Anyone who has read this blog before will know of my unashamed love for the videogame arcades of the 1980s. Whenever I make a game I want it to look and feel like the kind of thing I might have played 25 years ago in a seedy, dimly lit, cigarette smogged arcade. I always think about such games when I’m playing around with potential ideas for new games.

When, for example, I created Hoth Strike (a desktop game using good old fashioned DIVs and Images) I wanted to craft an 8-bit style Defender. Invaders from Mars was of course Space Invaders. I always look to the arcades.

My trademark shooting action game serves me well. I enjoy making them and love to play them. But I’m considering branching out a little and making some other styles of game.
So I jumped in to Google and looked around. Pretty much top of the list was the VGMuseum. I’d used this site before when looking for MAME ROMS. In fact using and in tandem was a pretty sure-fire way of securing exactly the game I was after.

So for inspiration now I revisit those sites.
Of course there are others. Atari Museum and Atari Age, for example. Two great sites for an Atari geek who grew up playing the VCS and later 800XL models.

If anyone wants to share their own sources of inspiration when considering new web games please do use the comments box. Right now I’m filling up on coffee, trawling the web for inspiration and sketching out screenshots of potential new games. Happy days.


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  1. YouTube is a wonderful resource isn’t it.
    Only last night I was looking for some footage of Broderbund’s Stealth game to help me figure out some scale and presentation for something I’m working on just now.
    Videos like this one really help me to recapture the excitement of my youth in playing those classic games.

  2. Inspiration would come for me in the form of looking at old snes or gameboy games. Get a list online and go to youtube and check out the gameplay. There are thousands of games, each with a slightly different gameplay style. Lots of the snes games that were never translated into english could be great inspiration as well.

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