Galactians screenshot Galactians screenshot

Galactians is a game I’ve wanted to make since I was 9 years old.
I’m so pleased with it. It’s arcade short in terms of time, has a solid challenge and is (I think) a lot of fun.
My high score is woeful – I still can’t get to a million. But I’m going to keep trying !

It’s probably the game that I always wanted HyperGunner to be in all honesty. The trouble with HyperGunner was that I just didn’t know when to stop. With Galactians I knew exactly where to stop. It was to be a game like the Galaxians that I grew up with and to that end I’m very happy with it.

Anyway you can find the link down the side and in the games page. Give it a blast and let me know your high score :-)


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