danger ranger - kyle cometAs a kid I always wanted to create my own super hero. A kind of cross between Luke Skywalker and Spiderman. Ridiculous I know but in my mind I always had this strong image of the wide-eyed boy who had powers he never knew of. In my mind I called him all sorts of things and never really settled on one of them.

Making these HTML5 games has introduced me to a whole new channel of creativity that just seems to thrill me in the same way as it did when I was a kid. (Regression is such a beautiful thing !)
So as I’m making the games and coming up with simple game settings and designs it occurs to me that there is an opportunity to resurrect the character ideas I had as a kid.
Danger Ranger is the perfect opportunity to try it all out since it is very much a character on screen.

kyle comet screenshotSo I’ve conjured up a name for my starfighter / space ranger / intergalactic hero – Kyle Comet.
Much like id software’s Commander Keen (which I did take a close look at whilst designing this kid) it’s the tale of a young boy who travels space zapping alien monsters and basically having one big deep space adventure.
Much like the classic 1950’s Saturday matinees I want my hero to leap from episode to episode with a certain retro style and a clear goal – defeat the obvious bad guys.
As yet I haven’t defined an arch enemy. But that will come. In the next adventure I think I will define a proper nasty piece of work. Sonic has one. Mario has one. So Kyle Comet ( I haven’t fully settled on the name yet ) will have one :-)

Anyway, Kyle’s first episode is Danger Ranger which sees him on a special mission to collect glowing stars from an alien planet whilst avoiding aliens and hazards. He has a rocket pack which allows him to thrust high in to the air and gently fall back to the ground.

I will be finishing it this next week and hope to have it online shortly thereafter.

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