I enjoy nothing more than opening up Photoshop and messing with the colours in my sprites and general game elements.

Galactians 2

The screenshot above is the original image of the game before I came up with another couple of alien sprite characters. Somehow the black sky and Dropzone inspired moon base didn’t quite work for me. So I messed around with it a bit and came up with a purple sky and (what I think is a) beautiful sunsetting gradient. I also coloured the moonbase setting.
Although the moonbase isn’t finished yet (I intend to add some setting sunlight to certain areas) I think it gives a pretty good idea of where I’m heading with it.

Galactians 2

Initially the aliens were green and I “splatted” them with mini particle-like effects. The green dots in the left hand image reflect this. But I later thought about changing the aliens to be a little less green and splodgy.
So the exploding effect needed to change.
I scratched my head a little and decided to have the spawned dots pass through a colour phase from bright yellow through orange and then to red. The effect is quite neat in that it looks for all intents and purposes like an explosion that rains down and settles to cool on the moon’s surface.

The main benefit to this new approach is that you stand a much better chance of separating out falling debris from falling alien bombs !



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