I’ve spent a fair bit of time lately trying to iron out all sorts of issues with Rebel Rescue. On the whole I’ve enjoyed making the game but like any reasonably lengthy (2 months) project you get a bit tired of it all whilst you push it over the line. Most games for me take around a month from the first pixel drawn in Photoshop and the first byte keyed in to EditPlus to completion.

Rebel Rescue screen shot

Rebel Rescue - HTML5 arcade game

For the most part in the last few days I was playing with numbers.
Balancing the speed of rockets, frequency of bombs and accuracy of laser shots is a pretty fine art. Making something worth playing takes a bit of patience.
I think the game is pretty cool to play.
To help the process I took two days away from it last week. The intention was to look on it again with fresh eyes.
It worked ! I instantly found new and better ways to challenge the player.

As with all my HTML5 games the game can be played on a mobile phone as well as the desktop. If anything this game lends itself much more to the touch screen since it allows for slightly more refined movement.

I took my lead from several sources with Rebel Rescue. My inspiration strangely enough wasn’t Star Wars. I merely used some assets that I had created from a previous game and created a simple arcade shooter. My inspiration was really the classic games of the 1990s such as Blazing Star. Yes the visuals don’t compare but then I am a one man band. I would love to create the visual beautifullness of the great NeoGeo titles. But now is not the time and I am under resourced.
For now I look more at the instant appeal of such games. I tried to identify what it was about such modern classic shooters that appealed on such a gut level.
The rapid lasers coupled with the predictable movement of the enemy and resulting explosion of bonuses and powerups fell right in to my lap and straight in to the game. HTML5 across most mobile devices (the ones that count) is pretty performant these days so littering the screen with sprites is a breeze.

I hope you enjoy what I came up with. If you’ve any bugs to report please mail me ( the address is on the ‘about’ page ) and I will look at them.

You can play the game at http://m.spacemonsters.co.uk/rebelrescue/

Use the arrow keys and Ctrl or Z to fire lasers and start the game.
On mobile devices just touch / drag on the screen.

Have fun !


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