Many things about developing browser games with Canvas and JavaScript are a real pleasure. Now that I have my game “engine” and framework in place it’s pretty much a case of getting the design right and enjoying the pipeline of art creation.

But some things still niggle me. Not least the poor support for Audio.

If I had to identify just one thing that I’d like to see addressed it’s the support for native Audio across all browsers.

I’m at the point now where I’m playing and testing my games and making stupid beeps and zaps myself to compensate for the fact that my game just doesn’t make them.

In many respects I’m lazy. I’m waiting for the headline that says – “At last ! HTML5 game developers can just use <Audio>and it’ll all work out just nice for them.” I will then go and open up an audio package and an Atari emulator and create some classic effects.
But the reality is more that if I could be bothered to I could “find a way”. I could, with a bit of perseverence hack something together to do the job. I’ve seen plenty of games do it. It’s limited but it works.
But the trouble is I’m just not interested in hacking about for a single channel sound on my phone. Largely because I’d just hand that over to a short, choppy, repeating soundtrack. I don’t want that. I want a full arcade experience which is why I just leave it and continue to make all the sound effects myself as I play.

You can read a bit more about this at the Phobos Lab. It’s quite fun and colourful and well worth a read.

You can also see Scott Schiller’s talk on the subject on YouTube. I’ve used Scott’s Soundmanager2 for some time and it really does make life so much easier.

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