I’ve had this game in development forever and I want it finished.
After spending some time this weekend playing the game I decided to give it a lick of paint.
One of the images that I use to help me paint pixels is a screen shot of the Atari 8-bit palette. The colours are just stunning. I simply use a single pixel brush in Photoshop and hit the ALT key to select a new colour with the dropper.
Pixeling is pretty much where it’s at for me. Sunday evenings were made for it ;)

I love cartoon and I love drawing cartoons so the style I’ve gone for is very much a colourful, outlined cartoon style. I just can’t do realism. Besides the weapons ( which I drew 10 years ago ) are of a toon style so it made perfect sense.
In terms of my colour usage I’m staying faithful to my love of Atari’s arcade games.
To try and illustrate the palette choice I took this snap of Vindicators from Mame. It’s not identical but it’s fairly close :)

Vindicators - Atari Games

I’ve almost finished the static floor monsters ( i.e. the ones that walk ) and will soon start on the floaty ones. The floaty ones are the ones that will hurl magic and energy at the player. The walking ones don’t have such an attack just yet. They simply reach the player and the player is “hit” ( i.e. the screen flashes red )

I’ve got a lot going on in this game and it’s designed for mobile use only. I really need to test it across devices.

In the meantime here’s some screens.

Area 51 screenshotArea 51 screenshotArea 51 screenshotArea 51 screenshot


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