I’ve spent quite a lot of time this last few evenings figuring out the movement code and collision for a new maze game. I call it Castle Adventure just now in honour of one of my first JavaScript games of the same name ( link ).
There was always so much I wanted to achieve with that game and now, thanks to Canvas and related technologies, I can think about bringing the game to life in the way that I’d imagined 5 years ago.

The original game was always intended to be a kind of strange cross between Pac-Man, Gauntlet and an old Dragon 32 game called Touchstone which I played to death as a kid. I guess in reality it was more of a Pac-Man wizard game with magic powers :)
Anyway the newer game is very much a mobile focused game and uses touchscreen swipes to direct the wizard around the maze. As more of the game takes shape I will post more details and screens.

castle adventure screen

Castle Adventure - very early screen

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