Anyone who has ever glanced across my portfolio will notice that there isn’t anything in there that is particularly original. This is quite deliberate. A couple of years ago when I set out to create these JavaScript / Canvas games I set myself the simple task of recreating some of the games that I loved as a kid. Since I entered my teens the year Spy Hunter (below left) came out I hold a particular fondness for the game and set myself the task of crafting my own homage to it (below right).
I absolutely adored this game in the arcades nearly 30 years ago. The style, the feel, the music… it had it all. And I wasn’t alone. My friends and I stood like groupies around this cabinet for many an hour during the summer holidays.

spy hunter screenshot spy chase screenshot

The same can be said for other games like Defender, Galaxians, Galaga… the list goes on. So what you see in my portfolio right now is a direct reflection of my love for the arcade games of the early 1980s.

I suppose there will come a point where I move forward in time and focus on the SNES or something. I don’t know. But for now I want to bundle all these games together to present what is I suppose a bit of a nostalgia trip.
I always intended to create a place where people could play free mobile games at the tap of a button and I think I probably have enough games in the portfolio to make such a thing worthwhile.
free mobile web games banner
You can find the portal at Just now there is no sign-up or login of any kind it’s all just a tap ‘n go, free to play affair.

Ultimately I’d like to branch out a little an maybe embrace social gaming and have high score tables for each game that are stored on my server. It’s early days and I need to have a serious think about security and avoiding a spamming of my database. But that’s a challenge I enjoy :)

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