For sheer creepiness alone I’d have to say that Closure has kept me busy this week.
In a style that is initially eerily reminiscent of Salad Fingers you get to control a crudly drawn stick figure around a series of platforms. The goal is simple – you find the exit. But in order to do that you have to collect light orbs and walk around with them. If you wander in to the darkness you fall off the platform and plummet to your death :)

It’s inventive, fun and for me quite original.
What’s more I see no reason whatsoever why this style of game couldn’t be made using HTML5 and script. Perhaps we should stop thinking of HTML5 games in terms or Asteroids clones, space shooters, bewjewelled blitz and Sudoku and start to think differently. Games like Closure come from having complete control and confidence in the technology.

Play closure.

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