Shogun: Rise of the Renegade

It’s been a while since I had a new shoot ’em up to play and thoroughly enjoy. Last night I downloaded Shogun. The screenshots on the app store looked fantastic. Very reminiscent of the classic Capcom shooters of the 90’s. Full of great colour, bullet madness and cool power-ups.
I really am not disappointed with this game, it’s beautiful to play.

Shogun screenshot Shogun screenshot

The control system is nice. As with all good shooting games designed for the touch screen you are free to place your finger where you like and the ship will move relative to your finger’s movement. But they’ve added another nice touch which I’d like to see adopted elsewhere and that’s a kind of pause / select menu for your ship’s lasers. The idea is simple in that you swipe your finger around to move the ship then lift your finger away from the glass to engage this mini menu. From there you select your new weapon and you’re back under way with minimal disruption.

I really cannot overstate the quality of the graphics in this game. It really is right up my street. Instantly bringing the awesome Gigawing and 1944: The Loop Master to mind the feel of the game is worthy of the arcades.

If you like big action, big sprites, full colour and generally can’t get enough of Japanese style shoot ’em ups I’d say that Shogun is something you will enjoy. I know I am.

Grab Shogun: Rise of the Renegade from the App Store.

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