A couple of FREE games that caught my eye today and are well worth a play.

Spice Invaders

Spice Invaders

Excellent tower defence. Fantastic graphics, a great sense of humour and a load of fun battling humans as they come in search of your spices. Highly recommended.

Grab Spice Invaders from the App Store.

Dungeon King

Dungeon King

A fantastic Flash based hack and slash RPG game in a similar style to Dungeon Seige or maybe Torchlight. I played about half an hours worth and i’m pretty sure there’s enough in there to keep many a lunch hour going :-) Great fun.

Click here to launch Dungeon King.

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  1. Hiya Mark, thanks for the post/mini-review!

    If you’d like to play the full game and write a full review – feel free to create an account and email me your username so I can add the game to your account.

    andy [at] bulletproofarcade.com


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