I’ve been looking around the AppStore for games that implement the kind of touch control that I’m after for my maze game. There’s a thousand and one maze games on offer which is fantastic so I downloaded a few free trial versions to test them.

In many cases the controls felt OK but not great. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of a simple swipe gesture to change the direction of the player’s sprite.

Pac-Man has it all.
I really shouldn’t have been surprised. With the Pac-Man trial version you can set which style of control you prefer. So I picked swipe.

Pac-Man screen shot

The effect really is quite something. Your little Pac-Man chomps his way around the maze and you make your turns with elegant swipes. It just feels lovely. I really want this smooth feeling of control and am actually pretty much there.

I do have issues with the testdirection flag being unset after just one try but I will figure that out. Once I’m happy with the implementation I’ll write it up in a little more detail since I think it’s a useful thing to share to JavaScript game devs.

Talking of which here’s an interesting article called Analog thumb sticks for iOS using HTML5 from the creators of Onslaught! Arena which you may find interesting / useful.


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