Castle Quest renamed to Dungeon Adventure. Received an email from the creator of a browser based game with the same name. I wouldn’t normally have bothered but his game was quite established and by the looks of it he’s working on the game full time, so it seemed fair to me. Especially since my game wasn’t complete.
I actually rather like Dungeon Adventure plus I own the domain so I have some tie to the name at least.

Dungeon Adventure screenshot

Some initial thoughts on a back story for Dungeon Adventure:

The castle has been overthrown, the King is dead and the dark warlord Azuran has taken to the throne. The kingdom is in turmoil.
As the King’s court fell to Azuran’s army of evil the good wizard Melligan hid deep in the castle dungeons for in amongst the catacombs and creepy crypts lie the ancient Spell Stars that hold the power to banish Azuran and his wretched horde for good.
You must guide Melligan around each dungeon collecting all of the powerful gem stones and avoiding the ghosts of long forgotten prisoners. Hold on to the glowing Dragon Orbs for periods of immunity from the undead and be sure to collect the key to the dungeon door. Only once you have that and all the gems can you escape…


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