OK so it’s a ludicrous name for a game and will almost certainly change. But at least you get an idea for what I’m aiming for.

Or do you ? I don’t know.

You see right now I have this simple design whereby you control Santa as he races down some alpine slopes on a snowboard narrowly avoiding trees, collecting special items and blasting aliens (yes, Aliens !) to pieces with a super shotgun. It’s madness but works !


Santa on the rampage - complete with placeholder aliens

The prototype is working out beautifully and right now it’s an absolute killer to play. Unlike my previous game I’ve kept the boundaries of the game pretty tight and stuck to a control system that I both know and like.

I don’t want to over complicate this at all so I’ve ditched early ideas of intricate level design in favour of simply having Santa race downhill with the goals of covering as much distance and reclaiming as many presents as possible.
I just don’t want the player to have to think too much about anything other than shooting and dodging.

So there you have it.
Santa’s grotto is raided by aliens (for now until I think of a more suitable adversary for him) so he grabs his shotgun and snowboard and races after them.
What follows is some high speed snowy pursuit that sees Santa refilling his sack :)

I ask you, what more do you need in a game ?



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