It has for a long time been my intention to create my own mobile gaming portal.
I had been using the m. sub-domain from ( with some success but I really wanted to shift everything on to its own dedicated domain.
Furthermore I didn’t want the domain name to bear any resemblence to an HTML5 gaming resource since the technology really ought to become transparent.

So I now have great pleasure in presenting A dedicated mobile-only resource for free-to-play arcade games.

Just now it is a simple case of click to play the game but over time I hope to develop the site to include simple registration, high score tables, social functionality and achievements.
PlayStar will also be my project for testing integration with Facebook which as you may well know is on a huge drive to embrace mobile and HTML5 this year.

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  1. I wondered what you were up to since you had gone quiet recently! Congrats on the new site!

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