I’ve been working hard to create the visuals for Distant Orbit this last week. I know how much I enjoy looking over other developer’s workstations so I thought I’d capture mine and post them up here.

Developing the home screen

Developing the home screen and some as-yet-unused alien motherships

Designing the alien worlds

Designing the alien worlds and their inhabitants

I’m still undecided on the use of cartoon aliens. I like them but I’m not sure if it’s right for this game.

The 2nd alien world in action

The 2nd alien world in action with a half completed “monument valley” style backdrop. I use a Wacom tablet and Photoshop to create the artwork. Initially I use a broad pencil – 5px in width – and then I go dotting with a 1px pencil to create the finer details.

An early rendering of the energy tower on Tranquis

An early rendering of the energy tower on Tranquis – planet #1. I wanted each planet to have its own theme and style. This is the first planet and I wanted it to feel quite welcoming with the blue hues. The snow-capped mountains seemed to work well here and I love the completely alien tower as it rises from the horizon.


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