I’m really thrilled to be finishing this little game up soon. It’s been a hell of a journey and a huge amount of fun.
I think it’s fair to say that this game truly feels like an HTML5 game in that it’s not just a case of painting the Canvas.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

This is the first game that uses my new “SPIFF” framework for building HTML5 arcade games.
Some of the tech inside now includes:

  • IndexedDB – High score table
  • requestAnimationFrame – improved rendering performance
  • Web Audio API – full soundtrack and sound effects
and some of the features:
  • full import and export of game data
  • intelligent screen resizing and scaling
  • rich front-end and in-game menu system
  • offline level designer
  • publishing tools
  • intelligent feature detection / rejection
  • in-game audio manager
I guess more importantly it’s a game that benefits from many hours of research across multiple platforms and browsers. I’m confident that this game will run comfortably in any browser and still looks great on the new iPhone 5 resolution.
There’s plenty more to be added but it’s pretty modular just now so bolting stuff on shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s the wonderful soundtrack (courtesy of a good mate and old school buddy – we grew up marvelling at the work of Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway) in this game that I think sets it aside from anything I’ve produced before. Having a full audio / visual experience in a game is just thrilling. Mobile web games have been mute for so long !

With SPIFF I hope to produce many new and original arcade games. Not all of them will be retro in their nature but they will hopefully all honour the design ethos of the classic games.

Perhaps one day I will make the code open source.

In the next few days I  aim to sit down and blog the challenges of creating a retro game based on the C64 colour palette, amongst other things.

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