My latest project – the Commodore 64 inspired Crossfire – is complete.

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I used the project to refine my HTML5 game framework and to also try out some new functionality.
I’m thrilled at the resulting game and look forward to adding to the framework with subsequent games.

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Crossfire is set to a scrolling landscape that (loosely, very loosely) resembles a Death Star style trench as viewed from above.
You control 3 fighters and are tasked with blasting countless formations of alien fighters whilst dodging numerous obstacles, bombs and cannon blasts. (Extra lives are available with progress)
The game is played at a fairly slow speed to allow for some fine-tuned movement and to also add to the amount of on-screen action.
Every couple of waves you get to challenge your reflexes with a challenge stage. These stages are played at a much faster speed and are very very tricky !
If you survive the challenge you will be met with a much harder stage the next time around.

For the super starfighter there is the opportunity to have your name in lights as Crossfire stores high scores locally to your device.
Note: Currently on mobile I could only find support for the high score table (courtesy of IndexedDB) on Firefox for Android. But I am sure that this will be supported across the board very soon.

The game will be available to play shortly on and also Mozilla’s MarketPlace.

If you are interested in licencing the game and would like a closer look please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at


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