Once upon a time I worked as an artist for a company that developed games for Nintendo’s handheld devices, amongst other things. I remember back then (2001 ish) wondering whether web technologies would/could ever produce the kind of environment suitable for good quality gaming. I suppose looking back then it must have seemed ludicrous that you could pull up a web browser and play a pretty performant arcade game with fluid animation and full audio support. We certainly wouldn’t have imagined such an experience being available on the consoles we were developing for – Gameboy, Gameboy Advance. Not even the next-gen stuff of the day – PS2, Xbox (1st generation).

Desert Rescue HTML5 game on Wii U

Desert Rescue HTML5 game on Wii U

So it’s with some interest that I continue to read about the level of JavaScript support within Nintendo’s Wii U:

Nintendo itself is clearly keen to push the capabilities of its browser out to the indie community. What’s more with a considerably lower barrier to entry than traditional console development, it’d be great to think that Nintendo could pave the way for bedroom programmers the world over to find a new route to market.

Quite how Nintendo would control this potential demand from developers is another question but it’s certainly encouraging to see that there is once again huge potential for carving out a livelihood for yourself from the comfort of your own home.

A cool looking retro-styled game called CrossCode appears to be in consideration for publishing on Nintendo platforms.
You can play a sample of the game here: http://www.cross-code.com/en/play

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