A game that I’ve enjoyed a huge amount of late is Electromaster. It carries that irresistable blend of retro, arcade action and compelling gameplay.

Electromaster Electromaster screenshot.

The premise is simple. You control your electro zapping character as she walks around the screen and press and hold the screen to charge the weapon. When you release the weapon fires and you can then control that weapon by sliding your finger around the screen. The longer you can hold on (the screen rapidly fills with enemies and one collision halts your charge and depletes your health) the longer the weapon fires for.

Using your electro charge you must zap the enemies until they disappear off the screen.

It has that same frenzied sense that Robotron had many moons ago. But I guess the beauty of this game is that there are no overlaid controls. For that reason alone I play it pretty much every day. In fact my daughter and me are in serious competition! It comes with bonuses and power-ups and just, well, delivers. Even better it has a scoring system that quickly runs to the millions. Great game.

I like it so much I’m going to attempt to emulate it in JavaScript. I hope I can do it justice.

Update: check out the author’s web site http://xionchannel.blogspot.com/ and other game – Hungry Master.

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