A game in which the sole survivor of a zombie/mutant uprising stands barricaded in the centre of the screen armed only with a pistol.
Zombies initially advance from off-screen and are picked off with just a couple of bullets. As play progresses the zombies rise up from the floor close to the player. To counter this additional weapon / ammo / health cannisters can be shot and collected.

The gimmick

Not sure yet but the style of the game will be decidedly cartoon-like so I may research some cool animation techniques.
Also, I’d like to have a story running beneath the game possibly illustrated by spinning newspaper headlines.
A key feature of the game will be the liberal splattering of blood :-) (Configurable of course between red and green)


The game is divided in to territories and the player must clear each territory to advance. Each wave comprises just one of a set number of waves per territory. I’d like to theme each territory. Possibly have a shopping mall (of course), abandoned school, cinema, car park… you get the drift.


Develop your character to be a bad ass! Armed to the teeth with guns, ammo and bombs etc. Ideally also boost your hero’s maximum health so that you can withstand more in the later stages.
An additional idea (if I have time) was to collect mutant cards. A zombie is a zombie but for mutants I figured it’d be cool to collect a set of cards depending upon which mutants you’d discovered. This would add around 4 -6 weeks to the dev time based on the amount of art required.


The player controls a crosshair that can be moved around the screen to shoot stuff. Shots will only be fired if the crosshair is over an item or monster. This leads to the player being conscious of conserving resources. Always a neat trick in a zombie game. I don’t plan a reload function. Largely because I hate them.
The uppermost area of the screen (just below the score / high score / audio control panel) will be handed over to weapon selection. Tapping each icon (assuming the weapon is available) will ready that weapon.

Weapons and items

Currently I plan the obvious. Pistol, shotgun, Uzi, Grenades. But a couple of bonus weapons may occur to me as the game unfolds.


As with all my newer games there will be full audio and a soundtrack courtesy of the web audio API.
I rather like the idea of a John Carpenter style soundtrack and good bassy gun shots. Alas I may succumb toa cheesy, almost jolly soundtrack. We shall see.

Visual style

Cartoon. Colour. Exaggerated comic violence.

Special features

All the usual including combo bonuses for multiple kills.
May also play with the idea of friendly fire targets. Civilians. Not sure how that would work yet given the auto firing nature of the game.
Speed bonuses are always a nice addition. Reward those with an eye for a shot and handy with the weapons.
Since the bulk of the art challenge is in designing a framework for the main character animation I may also like to have a character selection screen. Initially just a male and female selection. Largely at the behest of my daughter who always likes to play the female heroine in games :-)

I always wanted to make a zombie / mutant game. Got quite far once with a pseudo-3D affair but canned it due to my running out of steam with the concept. Losing focus with the game is a killer!

Area 51 screenshot

Area51 – canned HTML5 project

Hope to add more to this design as the ideas occur to me.


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