I love sketching out game ideas. The thrill of designing a spaceship or game character and trying to figure out what monsters and challenges lie ahead has never left me.

photoshop worksheet

Designing sprites for the HTML5 game Galactians2

Right back when I was a young teenager in the early 1980s I got a buzz out of watching a TV show or film and dreaming of how the events therein might translate in to an arcade game.

To this day I keep a sketchbook in the car or an iPad mini at my side should I have inspiration. The one thing I don’t do (which I really should) is share my thoughts on here. So all of that is going to change. In an attempt to breathe some life in to my much neglected blog I intend to spill my design thoughts on to here a bit more frequently. There will of course be an obvious bias toward mobile web gaming and the technologies of HTML5 / JavaScript. But generally I just want to get back in to the habit of talking about games and cool designs.


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  1. Hi Mark, I am regular reader of your blog. I am very interested in knowing if you are fully focus on making your own games and monetizing them in different ways? Or you spend some time doing client works?

    • Hi Jorul,
      I make my own original games. It’s very much where the thrill is for me. I don’t at all get excited by making somebody else’s design for a game. Not even for the big money ;)
      I make a very good amount through advertising revenue and strong partner relations.
      I hope to blog more! Thanks for reading :)

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