It’s amazing just where we take our inspiration from sometimes. An ordinary Sunday morning drinking coffee and catching up on yesterday’s news, when the kids come through with some bread to feed the birds.
So I’m stood in the garden hurling lumps of bread across the grass. Before long the birds arrive. There is of course the natural pecking order amongst the bird life. It’s fairly easy to feed the larger birds but the smaller ones seem to struggle. Especially when their big ugly neighbours show up.
So right there is my first challenge. How on earth do I ensure that the smaller birds get enough to eat? In fact that’s pretty much the goal of my game.

Of course my mind to turns to scoring achievements and how I might reward success. A crow chewing down some bread scores just 5 points. But a robin or smaller bird can score, say, 100 points.

Maybe there’s some strategy in hurling the larger lumps of bread toward the far end of the garden to attract the big birds and keep them busy? Smaller bits of bread can be hurled toward the starving chaffinches.

Better still how about awarding points based on the size of the bread that the bird eats in relation to its size. So the crow eats a large piece of bread! Big deal. Scores just 5 points.
But the wren finds its way to a large piece and flies off. A bumper 250 points!

There is of course one other angle to explore – predators. What do you attract if you put a bunch of birds all in one place? Yup, cats.
So there again is another challenge. Make sure you don’t fill the screen with birds since when the cats come the party’s over!

I might keep this simple idea sketched up and clipped to the notice board since I can see it being pretty straight forward to develop. No levels, no saved progress, just simple jump in and aim for a good score. Possibly look at achievement unlocking but nothing too fancy. This has got “5 minutes whilst I’m waiting for the bus” written all over it.


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