kyle comet screen

Dev screen with placeholder art

Pretty much finished the first draft of the story script. Each character is fairly well defined and I think the plot is pretty well established. Good guys chasing bad guys through minefields, asteroid belts and such against a backdrop of the threat of Earth invasion. Standard stuff but great to write for.

The mechanics and structure are in place – Intermission (story and goals) > Action (challenges, blasting stuff, collecting stuff etc), Summary (more story), In-game shop (power up your ship etc) and repeat.

I’m not entirely happy with the controls for Kyle’s ship on desktop. The mouse feels a little clumsy. But this is primarily a touchscreen game and to that end it works just fine.

Considering a cool Jet Force Gemini style soundtrack.

Starting to plan alien attack patterns. Need to consider what I want the player to learn in terms of movement and skills. Will base alien movement on this. Some will pursue the player others will simply move in formation. All will shoot.
Collecting stuff is a big feature of the game. Need to make sure that “greed” features.

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