This is the question I’d asked myself prior to clicking Play on Netflix last night. Will this be a waste of a couple of hours or will it actually be a surprise package to me.

The overriding feeling I had once the film had finished was yes, this is a fine film which appealed to the nostalgia in me. Equal parts E.T., John Hughes and any mindless 80’s action romp. Plus, there’s a cool 80’s soundtrack to go with it which includes The Smiths – the go-to music for any self respecting teenage social outcast.
Hailee Steinfeld’s performance as the afore mentioned teenage social outcast is a genuinely wonderful bit of cinematic acting. She appears genuine throughout and portrays that wide-eyed Elliot-esque kid with aplomb.

As for the titular Bumblebee, well I think he was rather charming and came with all that wonderful 80’s charm that I’d heard so much about.

So will you enjoy Bumblebee?

Well, if you, like me, were a huge fan of those 80’s films where kids made friends with unusual creatures (E.T., Gremlins et al) then you’ll love this. It’s mindless CGI in the main but very much worth a watch.

Fill a bucket with crisps and popcorn and sit down with the kids for some good old cinema.


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